Sunday, August 1, 2010

A "TAKE OUR JOBS" Reminder

Arizona's ill-advised anti-Brown SB 1070 legislation is difficult to distinguish from the increasing hate bias actions across the nation that are facing our Latina/o communities and others impacted by immigration driven policies. By its actions Arizona is collapsing broad based immigration complexities into narrow minded approaches as to who is "permitted" in the nation. (Hmmm in a state with a large Indigenous population and others causes me to ask whether anyone has seen the purported "citizenship" credentials of those who promulgated SB 1070?).

To underscore the madness of SB1070 and the broad scope of bias it is engendering against all of us, an attorney with the New York based Center for Constitutional Rights was arrested while serving as an observer during the protests against SB1070. She along with the other attorneys were wearing hats and T-shirts that identified them as legal observers. Local attorney Antonio Bustamante who had organized the team of thirty volunteer attorneys stated: "she didn't intend to get arrested. . . I don't know why it happened. Maybe because they can't read." Whether or not they can read reveals that the State is doing all it can to diminish the health and safety of its residents by its promotion of racially biased legislation.

At this juncture one more emphasis is obligated. It is not difficult to surmise that Arizona's anti-immigration campaign is intending to drive out all individuals who appear "foreign sounding" or "foreign looking." Accordingly, this post serves as a reminder. Specifically, during the winter seasons California farmworkers head to Arizona to harvest its lettuce and other crops. If the State continues in its rabid race-based approach even where it lacks jurisdiction area farmers will face labor shortages. Why? Because anyone coming in the cross hairs of a state that refuses to acknowledge its jurisdictional limitations shows we can trust that no one will be safe from questioning "where are your papers" from officials lacking immigration training thereby causing many to probably flee the State.

To prepare the State all interested parties who argue that immigrants take their jobs are greatly encouraged to help out the region's owner operators of key food commodities. They are always crying the blues over the lack of domestic based workers. To apply applications can be pulled from the United Farm Workers "TAKE OUR JOBS" campaign site available at Reference also Professor Steve Bender's July post on the Campaign with specifics on the nature of agricultural employment.

In the meantime be forewarned! The legislative framework of agricultural employment is tethered to ancient 1930s legislation that offers very few protections for those working in the fields or in agriculture generally. (see the National Labor Relations Act).

So if hired don't forget to take with you plenty of water, a portable potty, a first aid kit and if possible a cell phone. Why a cell phone? Well while a good sturdy hat is also in order it can only do so much against the heat and in the case of heat stroke the nearest hospital will be miles away from the fields. A good cell phone could come in handy with calling for assistance---something sorely lacking when seventeen year old Maria Isabel Vasquez Jimenez lost her life to heat stroke while employed in a California field. (Reference the website).

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