Tuesday, July 13, 2010

More on the Puerto Rican Birth Certificates

I previously blogged about the law which would invalidate all the Puerto Rican birth certificates as of July 1, 2010 (see Ay Bendito in Puerto Rico posted March 2, 2010). If you recall, the rationale of the Puerto Rican legislature was to curb identity theft. However, the magnitude of the effort to have the over 8 million Puerto Ricans in the island and the U.S. obtain new birth certificates has dawned on the Puerto Rico legislature. So now, the legislature has amended the law extending the validity of the pre-July 1, 2010 birth certificates issued. The extension is until September 30, 2010. For more information about about how to obtain a birth certificate see http://www.pr.gov/CitizenPortal/Templates/TxPosting.aspx?NRMODE=Published&NRNODEGUID={54D8AD18-838F-4127-8B2F-876D9823B428}&NRORIGINALURL=/citizenportal/071-001-000-000.htm&NRCACHEHINT=Guest.

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