Sunday, July 4, 2010

American Bar Association Submits Brief in Support of the MALDEF/ACLU Motion for a Preliminary Injunction; Hearing Set for July 22, 2010

In an extraordinary move, the American Bar Association has submitted an amicus brief in support of MALDEF's motion for a preliminary injunction to block the implementation of the new Arizona immigration statute. The ABA explained this unusual lower court intervention by stating that "while the ABA typically files amicus briefs only in the highest federal or state court that will consider a matter, the ABA believes the issues before this court are of such significance to the American people and the practice of law that they must be addressed at this stage of the proceeding." The ABA is particularly concerned that SB 1070 will lead to "the increased use of racial profiling in law enforcement," the "mandatory detention of citizens and noncitizens," an "increased burden on ... Arizona's indigent defense system," and an invasion of federal authority to regulate immigration. The ABA's amicus brief is here: ( Federal Judge Susan Bolton has set July 22, 2010 as the date for a hearing on the motion for a preliminary injunction in the MALDEF case. (E.J. Montini, SB 1070 Injunction Hearing Set for July 22, The Arizona Republic, June 30, 2010).

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