Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Disgusting: Anti-Latino Hit List

Multiple media outlets reported today that an anonymous group purportedly from Utah sent out a list of 1,300 persons whom they claim are undocumented migrants.

This list targeted mostly persons with “Hispanic” names. As has often occurred in anti-latina/o so-called anti-immigrant bashing, children and expectant mothers have been the particular targets of this disgusting piece of hate. Here we have a highly personalized illustration of the anti-latina/o nature of the “immigration” discourse that is currently spreading like a virus through our country.

United Press International reported: “The list of people accused of being in the United States illegally included addresses, birth dates, phone numbers and -- in 31 cases -- social security numbers, the [Salt Lake] Tribune said. The list also included the names and dates of birth of 201 children.” (

MSNBC reported that: "My phone has been ringing nonstop since this morning with people finding out they're on the list," said Tony Yapias, former director of the Utah Office of Hispanic Affairs. "They're feeling terrorized. They're very scared." (

I have several predictions. First, most of the people on this list –particularly the children-- will turn out to be citizens and documented residents of the United States. Second, many of them will be harassed, probably by the same vermin that put together this list, and I hope that the proper authorities will immediately mobilize to ensure the personal safety of those so targeted. Third, should a few undocumented immigrants be found on this list, they will be held up as examples of the righteousness of this bit of anti-latina/o guerrilla warfare, and the “collateral damage” of the gross invasion of privacy at the very least, and worse harassment of citizens and legal residents will be dismissed, because it could not happen to those who promote this sort of thing.

The news reports indicate that Utah authorities are laboring to find out how this list was distributed and by whom. I hope that they do so quickly and before anyone comes to harm.

Another question is the possible misuse of state confidential databases to produce this list. The Salt Lake Tribune reported today that Utah’s governor has ordered a review to find out whether this is the case. “If [the investigation] reveals any kind of evidence of wrongdoing or release of private information we will turn it over to the Attorney General’s Office,” said Angie Welling, [Gov. Gary] Herbert’s spokeswoman. (

We must be vigilant in these situations and hold these state officials to their promise to protect the civil and human rights of all.


Additional References:

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On the targeting of women and children in these individual vendettas, see Go after the Women: Mothers against Illegal Aliens' Campaign against Mexican Immigrant Women and Their Children [notes], Indiana Law Journal, Vol. 83, Issue 4 (Fall 2008), pp. 1355-1390 by Romero, Mary.

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