Monday, May 24, 2010

Latino Identity (Sub)Culture Explored in an Independent Film Noir

Last month a new Latino film entitled La Mission created in the film noir genre of film making, which explores the deeper, grittier, darker side of our culture or sub culture, as some may say, was released. According to the trailer, La Mission pays homage to the neighborhood and people we grew up around, and captures the vibrancy, cultural pride, flavor and sound of the ever-evolving Barrio. At the center of the story is Che, an old school reformed bad boy and single father who has dedicated his life to raising his 18 year-old son. Jess is a UCLA-bound honors student who is hiding a deeply-held secret from his macho father-- he's gay.

La Mission takes a hard look at some of the prevailing attitudes that still thrive and creates major divisions within our community regarding identity, machismo, acceptance, and unconditional love. La Mission also celebrates the humor, the sense of pride, and the passion for life that exists alongside the everyday struggles of our lives. La Mission was created, directed and produced by Benjamin Bratt (Law & Order) and his brother Peter. The website for the movie is available here. There is a La Mission Facebook page which provides details regarding the cities and theaters at which the film will be playing as well as photos and information on the film and its crew. Members of the cast were interviewed at the premiere in San Francisco. Clips from their interviews are available here. The film also has an AMAZING soundtrack with a really sensual Afro-Latin beat and lyrics that take us way way back. Surprisingly, I cannot find the album on iTunes.

Lydie Nadia Cabrera Pierre-Louis

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