Saturday, September 11, 2010

Rest In Peace....

Dear friends,

In addition to the solemn anniversary of the tragic events associated with the attacks in NYC and Washington D.C. on this date ten years ago, I wanted to pass on a sad message a friend recently sent me. It is about the death of Puerto Rican Independence champion Juan Mari Bras. Mr. Mari Bras fought for Puerto Rican sovereignty for decades and went as far as attempting to denounce his United States citizenship in an effort to proclaim Puerto Rican citizenship. United States officials, after initially accepting his act, later proclaimed he had no right to revoke his U.S. citizenship. In some of my works, I examined this effort to raise the question concerning whether United States citizenship for my brothers and sisters in the land of my ancestors is a mark rather than a bundle of rights.

I truly feel fortunate to have met Mr. Mari Bras when I gave a talk at the University of Puerto Rico and compared his challenge to subordinate membership to the brave efforts of Dred Scott. After the talk, Mr. Mari Bras approached me and we shared a tear-filled hug. I wanted to share this sad moment in an effort to remind us of the sacrifices of others.

Here is an article about this civil rights advocate:


Ediberto Roman

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  1. This article is surprising considering "talk" that the United States has let citizens expatriate themselves because they refused the increase in taxes. "Famed fund operator John Templeton, a Tennessee native, moved to Nassau in 1969 and gave up his U.S. citizenship. He is a British subject; living in the Bahamas, he pays no income or estate tax. "Expatriation is the ultimate estate plan," says Donald Baker, senior partner of the giant Chicago-based law firm Baker & MacKenzie." (

    For a country that is so proud of being free, you would think that they would try and help Mr. Mari Bras accomplish his goals the way the founders of this country did.


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