Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Experts Prepare to Act...

> The Rebellious Lawyering Institute
> September 23-25 2010/Bishop?s Lodge, Santa Fe, New Mexico
> On every front, Arizona presents major challenges: how do we influence public perceptions? litigate effectively? lobby to avoid similar laws or to enact better ones? organize communities? learn and teach about law enforcement practices? assess the wisdom of and ways to implement boycotts? Not surprisingly, no one group or no single strategic scheme dominates current thinking about and action in Arizona ? much less across the United States or in other countries. Instead an often heated and fractured debate shapes compatible and divergent paths.
> Because of the significance of this crisis, the Rebellious Lawyering Institute has specially designed a training focusing on (1) how we can best stand up to Arizona and (2) what the Arizona experience can teach us about preparing for and avoiding the copycat actions of anti-immigrant and racist forces in other states. In designing this special training, we have drawn on the wisdom of many and look forward to working with you in Santa Fe.
> A Big Heads-Up about Hotel Reservations:
> New Mexico?s beautiful fall attracts lots of events and guests to Santa Fe, so please do book early. If you book a room at Bishop?s Lodge on or before July 15, 2010, you can secure a special conference rate (mention Rebellious Lawyering-
> Hotel=219&Chain=6361&template=GC&shell=TL&arrive=9/22/2010&depart=9/25/2010&adult=1&child=0&group=1009REBELL)
> From July 15 forward, you may still reserve a room at Bishop?s Lodge but only if rooms are available and only at the regular rate. Or of course you may book your stay elsewhere in Santa Fe. Please do book early, though.
> See you in September,
> Kip Bobroff, Tara Ford, Bill Ong Hing, Gerald P. L?pez, Shauna Marshall ? and the many close friends and allies who will be with us in Santa Fe.

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