Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Apart from the category confusion regarding the “Hispanic” population in this year’s Census, the Detroit News reports brown-black tension regarding the city’s participation in the Census counting and outreach process. According to Eusebia Aquino-Hughes, Detroit activist, Mayor Bing’s office is concerned only with African-American and Arab/Muslim participation in the Census. She writes, “When one calls Mayor Bing’s offices concerning the Latino-American census count for 2010 one is told that ‘it is not a concern for the City of Detroit at this time.’” Could this really be true?

Coming on the heels of so many other racially polarizing incidents, this report from Detroit raises the specter of increased minority tensions at a time when coalitional cooperation can make the difference between policy success and failure. Chime in and let’s figure out how to transcend divisive identity politics in order to get something real done. How do we get from competition to collaboration? Share your ideas, experiences and insights with us!


Frank Valdes

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